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Winners announced for GGIF- Municipalika Urban Innovation Challenge 2014

The Good Governance India Foundation (GGIF) Municipalika 2014 Urban Innovation Challenge sought to identify the next generation of innovative solutions to systemic challenges in the urban areas, by under-graduate, post-graduate students and young professionals from different disciplines.

This year’s topic was ‘Smart Cities and Green Buildings’ and invited ideas on what makes cities well-integrated, efficient and environment-friendly cities. Innovative ideas under the following categories were invited:

Macro-Sustainable Cities and Townships involve innovation and technological advances delving into areas of urban planning, sustainable inter and intracity mobility, application of GIS/GPS for effective e-governance, energy efficiency, urban supply-chains, public accessibility, pedestrian-centric experiences, equitable distribution of resources, slum-free and inclusive design, supply-side and demand-side management, energy generation, water supply, sanitation, rainwater harvesting, waste water management including urban waste and e-waste management, and recycling at the urban scale.

Micro-Green Buildings and Habitats could exemplify excellence, innovation and technological advances in passive and active design, inclusive design, affordable housing, ergonomics and behavioural sciences influencing sustainable practices, energy efficiency, building management systems, energy generation, water efficiency, rainwater harvesting, waste water management, waste segregation and management and recycling at the building level.

The first stage of the UIC included the contest which required teams from across the nation to develop solutions and present papers that include drawings, site plans, tables etc. The top three entries will be featured in the Conference Papers of Municipalika 2014.

The jury consisting of esteemed judges- Chandrashekhar Hariharan, K. Jaisim, Syed Beary, V. Suresh, Leena Kumar and Vijaya R Vasu recently met at Bearys Corporate Office, Bengaluru and have officially announced winners for 2014. The list of winners is as follows:

Post Graduate Students and Professionals

1st position: Anuj Kale, Austin Barboza and Maninder Reddy from Bharati Vidhyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

Bhavin Kantilal Patel from Sir JJ School of Architecture, Mumbai

2nd position: Ruchira Das, Sourav Chatterjee and Soumya Roy Chowdhury

3rd position: Snehal Ramteke, Divya Shankar Rao, Abhinav Raj

Jury Commendation:

1) Amrutha Chandrakant Thakur

2) Atri Shah and Siva Namberi

Under Graduate Students

1st position: Kyrshanbor Hyniewta and Ambrose Garnett Kharkongor from Goa College of Architecture

2nd position: Subhodeep Maji and Anirban Maiti from Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah

3rd position: Shekoba Sanap and Dhara Parekh from Academy of Architecture Mumbai

Jury Commendation:

1) Kapil Patidar and Anchal Saxena from Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior

2) Vaishali Aggarwal from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

3) Sathyavignesh and Monisha Edwina Royan.G from Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai

As part of the second stage of the UIC, a few entries will be short-listed and the respective teams will be given more time to work on their projects so that these could be applied practically as part of the incubator model.

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