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Good Governance India Foundation (GGIF) is a think-tank dedicated to promoting value of property rights under constitutional rule of law. It is presently campaigning for property rights of smallholders as a fundamental human right, in the backdrop of massive unrests due to forcible acquisition of farmlands. It advocates for free and fair land markets as the best arbiter of what economic projects are in real public interest. Apart from the above, GGIF generally advocates for public policy reforms based on democratic principles of decentralization and primacy of Individual human rights.

Vision For A New India

GGIF advocates a 23-Points Manifesto for any political party fighting future elections in India.


The party believes in the liberal democratic values of the original Constitution of India as enacted by the founding fathers keeping in full view their intent and purpose as documented in the Constituent Assembly Debates. It rejects the gradual defilement of the Constitution by various parties in power.

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